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After finally finding an agent to represent her, she was able to sell her first book, Change. Ann Maxwell has written over 50 novels, some individually and some in collaboration with her husband.

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Her novels have been published in 21 foreign languages, and there are over 23 million copies of her books in print. Ann Maxwell began her writing career in the science fiction genre. Her first novel, Change , was published in Over the next decade, eight other science fiction novels followed. Seven of those novels were recommended for the Science Fiction Writers of America Nebula Award, [4] with the first coming within one vote of being a Nebula Award finalist.

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This book had been published in four countries and was condensed in Reader's Digest. Several years later the couple began collaborating on a crime novel.

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This resulted in a series of books about a couple named Fiddler and Fiora, all published under the name A. The University of California gave one of the books, The Frog and the Scorpion , a creative writing award.

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The couple have also produced four best-selling suspense novels. Ann and Evan have also collaborated to write the novelization of the Val Kilmer movie Thunderheart.

This novel is written under the pen name Lowell Charters, taking his middle name and her maiden name. The couple have a structured system for their collaborations to minimize arguments.

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Evan Maxwell usually chooses the setting for the story. Together, the pair create the characters and then the plot. Once the plot has been fairly well established, Evan writes the first draft of the manuscript, consulting Ann if there are any major questions about the characters or plot changes that he would like to make.

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Ann then writes the second draft, with the freedom to make any changes that she thinks are necessary for "clarity, pacing, dialogue, and characterization. The first dedicated word processor was introduced after Maxwell had already become established as a science fiction writer. She bought one immediately and soon found that she had tripled her productivity, as she was no longer forced to spend a great deal of time retyping her pages as she edited. This enabled her to get ahead of her contract, so Maxwell began to look for another type of writing that she would enjoy, but that would pay better.

Maxwell approached her agent for ideas. The agent suggested that she look into thrillers, romance novels and horror fiction, as all three were becoming very popular.

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Night Diver. Dangerous Refuge. Beautiful Sacrifice.

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Blue Smoke and Murder. The Wrong Hostage.

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Lacey resists Susa's pleas, fearing that her grandfather may have been guilty of forgery, but she discovers something far more complicated and horrifying. The murders her grandfather depicted actually took place, and as Lacey digs into her grandfather's past, strangely similar murder attempts and arsons begin cropping up.

Her research leads her to Ward Forrest, a financier and real estate mogul who is obsessed with the paintings. In spite of the high-concept plot, most readers will guess the outcome well before the end of the book, and the speed and ease with which Lacey unravels three decades of murder and mayhem defy credibility. The wide array of characters and the engaging lesson on California art are enjoyable, but they can't make up for the lack of suspense.

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