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Managing Quality Cultural Tourism suggests a way forward for cultural tourism.

Heritage: Care-Preservation-Management

It is an indispensable tool for all involved in tourism and heritage industries. Dream City. Lance Berelowitz. Fashion: A Very Short Introduction. Rebecca Arnold. Cities Are Good for You. Leo Hollis. Design: The Key Concepts. Catherine McDermott. Taking Responsibility for Tourism.

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Harold Goodwin. Cultural Heritage and Tourism.

Heritage: Care-Preservation-Management - Routledge

Dallen J. The Language of Cities. Deyan Sudjic. The Art of City Making. Charles Landry. Nishat Awan. Urban Design Futures. Malcolm Moor. Waterfront Regeneration.

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Harry Smith. The Tourist Gaze 3. John Urry. Fashion, Design and Events. Kim Williams. Cultural Tourism. Re-Imagining the Museum. Andrea Witcomb. The Routledge Companion to Museum Ethics. Janet Marstine. Heritage Interpretation. Marion Blockley. Festivals, Tourism and Social Change. David Picard. Tourism Management. Stephen J. The Tourist-Historic City. Tourism and Gastronomy. Anne-Mette Hjalager. The Industrial Heritage. Judith Alfrey. Food and Drink Tourism. Sally Everett. Sports Tourism. Chris Bull. University Architecture. Brian Edwards. Planning for Tall Buildings. Michael J.

Tourism Mobilities. Mimi Sheller. Museum Revolutions. Suzanne MacLeod. Mike Weed. Planning the Night-time City. Marion Roberts. Study Away.

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Mariah Balaban. Museums and Community. Elizabeth Crooke. Making People-Friendly Towns. Francis Tibbalds. Go back Studies and management strategies Planning for entertainment noise in the Northbridge area Sunset Heritage Precinct management plan Planning provisions for affordable housing Jandakot Eastern Link road alignment selection and road reservation study Middle Helena catchment area land use and water management strategy Gosnells dust study - ambient air quality monitoring Review of the Kwinana air quality buffer Aircraft noise insulation for residential development in the vicinity of Perth Airport Claremont Showground draft Management Plan.

Culture in Crisis: The Practical Applications of Digital Reproduction in Heritage Preservation

Go back Development control and operational policies Development control policy 1. Go back Fact sheets, manuals and guidelines Local planning manual Street layout, design and traffic management guidelines. Go back Heritage legislation, policies and, guidelines Heritage Act Heritage policies and guidelines Go back Heritage policies and guidelines Policy for corrugated metal roofing Policy for repair notices and orders State register of heritage places development assessment framework Gravestone restoration guidelines An information guide to conservation management plans An information guide to conservation management strategies Heritage interpretation.

Home Information and services Historic heritage. Developing and maintaining heritage places Advice on maintaining, altering, insuring, interpreting, protecting or buying and selling heritage places. Heritage education, training and events Anyone can get involved with heritage through various events, training and education opportunities.

Heritage in planning The identification and protection of heritage is embedded in both State and local planning. Heritage news and events The latest heritage news and events from the Heritage Council and the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. This publication aims at improving the ability of the tourism sector to develop and present destinations and heritage sites in a more comprehensive manner, by providing guidance on the development of successful and effective heritage communications strategies and policies.

It addresses a range of issues that arise in the delivery of heritage communication, presents current trends and proposes a variety of tools, including an outline structure for training workshops, to effectively communicate heritage values to visitors and prospective visitors, thus contributing to the building of memorable tourist experiences and greater appreciation and support for the conservation of the sites visited.

For the electronic format in the E-Library e-unwto. This guidebook is aimed at a variety of professional users, both within the tourism industry and for people who welcome and manage visitors at their destination or site, including public authorities in the tourism, culture and nature fields. It provides recommendations to the different stakeholders in the tourism industry on how they might contribute to the minimization of tourism congestion. Destination and site managers will find a range of recommendations to build a well-informed understanding of their places and their visitors, as well as recommendations for upgrading the operational and physical capacities of their areas, in order to handle high levels of tourism activity.

The guidebook is intended to provide very practical recommendations, using illustrations from the case studies. Congestion management practices are explained at different levels, linking actions between demand, destination and site management. World Heritage Sites are among the most emblematic tourism destinations and attractions, facing numerous challenges due to an ever increasing tourism activity and related development issues.

This Conference was held as part of a strategic collaboration between UNWTO and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in order to address key tourism policy and management issues, such as coordination between heritage management and tourism organizations, extending benefits to local communities, reducing tourism congestion and environmental impacts, increasing site financing and enhancing the interpretation and communication of heritage values through tourism. This report summarizes the rich exchange of experience from the Conference, including the overall conclusions, expert presentations, a range of case studies across the Asia region, as well the results of field exercises and working group discussions analysing the Mount Huangshan National Park and Hongcun-Xidi Ancient Villages, illustrating how World Heritage Sites can be integrated into broader regional and destination-level tourism management processes.

This publication contains the speeches and presentations delivered at the Conference, as well as initiatives and case studies featured in the three panels of the event:. Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development Tourism has grown at an accelerated pace over the last few decades and forecasts indicate an ever faster rate of growth into the new Millennium, with Asia and the Pacific becoming the second most important tourism destination of the world by One of the pillars of the tourism industry has been mankind's inherent desire to see and learn about the cultural identity of different parts of the world.

In domestic tourism, cultural heritage stimulates national pride in one's history.