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Now even if we go out we have nothing to see other than traffic Jams. This idea of Unity or everything being one with and the result of everything else is an ancient Hindu Dharmic idea and is rendered and explored in all Dharmic literature, including the Vedas and the Upanishads.

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Albert Einstein among others including Henry David Thoreau were influenced by Vedic thought and considered the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads to be some of the most influential books ever written. The biggest Miracle is that only human beings can smile.

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No other creature has been endowed with this privilege, but the strangest thing is that, we do not want to smile and show others a cheerful face, to make ourselves and others happy. I do agree "Only a life lived for others is worth living. Or search by year or author.

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Every week, we send out a digest with a reading and inspiring stories to our global community of 92, people. Subscribe below. If you'd like to suggest a thought or want to drop us a suggestion, drop us a note. Everything Is A Miracle. Albert Einstein. Add Your Reflection: Send me an email when another comment is posted on this passage. On Jun 3, dSegall wrote: Where is this piece from Einstein from?

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Is it from a letter? Please attribute. On Apr 19, rebecca wrote: Everything is a miracle! I am seeing so many since my precious daughter Robin went to heaven. God must assign her ways to prove to me she lives. On Mar 18, Diane wrote: Perfect to every people in the whole world This words can reflect to us too. On Aug 1, zylstra wrote: Source? On May 15, Robert wrote:.

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On Jan 4, Marie wrote: Albert Einstein passed away in On Nov 20, Lara wrote: at first, i thought that it was just a typical words of motivation from the great Albert Einstein,but when i finish reading the whole selection, i realize that i was wrong all along. On Jun 15, Agnes wrote:. Expect miracles. As we journey to the stars, I reckon the destination isn't the only miracle. Denise Dianaty. But he does make miracles. I am one. You are too. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

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For more inspiration in your life, click here to browse our inspirational coffee cups, shirts, and hoodies. Holland 5 "Sometimes the most important miracles aren't about what happened to you, but rather, what didn't happen.

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Chesterton 9 " Be the miracle you want to see in the world. Be ready and willing. Denise Dianaty 18 "Miracles have a higher percentage of being permanent than magical solutions. Alder For more inspiration in your life, click here to browse our inspirational coffee cups, shirts, and hoodies. Leave a comment Name Email Comment.