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MATH is an introduction to Analytic Number Theory, a foundational subject in mathematics which dates back to the s and is still a major research area today. The subject generally uses tools and techniques which are analytic in nature to solve problems primarily related to integers.

Asymptotic and summation results and methods are of great significance in Analytic Number Theory. Two primary course objectives are to state and prove two major theorems: Dirichlet's Theorem on Primes in Arithmetic Progressions, and the Prime Number Theorem.

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In particular, we will study Selberg's "elementary" proof of the Prime Number Theorem, as well as an analytic proof. Rings: basic properties of rings and examples including polynomial rings, matrix rings, and number rings ; subrings, ideals and ring homomorphisms; divisibility in integral domains; greatest common divisors; Euclidean rings and unique factorisation; applications to number theory; principal ideal domains.

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Teacher responsible Prof Jan van den Heuvel. Written answers to set problems will be expected on a weekly basis.

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Self-management Problem solving Application of information skills Communication Application of numeracy skills Specialist skills. In her talk, Piper will introduce the ideas that there are number fields, that number fields have shapes, and that these shapes are everywhere you want them to be. This result is joint work with Manjul Bhargava and uses his counting methods which currently we only have for cubic, quartic, and quintic fields.

She will sketch the proof of this result and leave the rest as an exercise for the audience. Check your work by downloading her thesis! Piper never wanted to be liberated. She would have much preferred to be conventionally successful, living by other people's standards.