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The most profound effects of war, Moneyhon explains, were on white yeoman farmers and the lower classes, both black and white. The large landowners, with their political connections, felt the war much less than the working class. Their survival led to the most important aspect of post-Civil War society in Arkansas: the elite maintained or soon regained their positions of power, thus preserving the status quo. Divided into three parts, this work first treats Arkansas in the decade before the war, with comprehensive chapters on the economy, white society, slavery, and the political system.

The second part deals with the war years, with one chapter focusing on the areas that remained under Confederate control and another on areas in which military operations occurred; two other chapters describe the emancipation of the slaves and efforts during the war to institute a Unionist government. The third section is a masterly examination of the politics of Reconstruction and Redemption in Arkansas, the state's postwar economy, and the experience of the former slaves.

Arkansas, Remote and Restless. Histories of Arkansas. Britton, Nancy.

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#L38V1 The Failure of Reconstruction in Texas

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Civil War through Reconstruction, through - Encyclopedia of Arkansas

Malone, Bill C. Athens: University of Georgia Press, Masterson, James R. Tall Tales of Arkansaw. Boston: Chapman and Grimes, Little Rock: Rose Publishing, Confederate Arkansas fell into disarray in the spring of , and the Trans-Mississippi South officially surrendered to the Union on June 2, Slaves in Arkansas who had not had the opportunity to seek freedom in the course of the war received the news of Confederate defeat and their own freedom with enthusiasm and relief. Though whites were often devastated or angry, slaves celebrated their freedom immediately and continued to commemorate their emancipation in public celebrations.

Some newly freed families chose to stay and work for their former masters, while many made the decision to look for work elsewhere. Slave narratives provide evidence that many whites in Arkansas sought to hold onto slavery by ignoring emancipation for as long as possible. Economic interests and racism made it difficult for many white Arkansans to accept the end of slavery, and race relations in Arkansas continued to be a problem for generations.

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For additional information: Berlin, Ira, et al. Freedom: A Documentary History of Emancipation, — New York: Cambridge University Press, , , , Finley, Randy.

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Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, Jemison, Elizabeth. Jones, Kelly Houston. Lankford, George E. Moneyhon, Carl. Nichols, Ronnie A. Poe, Ryan M. Honor or memorial gifts are an everlasting way to pay tribute to someone who has touched your life.

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