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So before trying to understand whether earthquakes are predictable, we must clarify what that means. The public has high expectations. People would like to know when and where an earthquake will strike and how intense it will be. The timing should have an error of at most a few hours with a warning issued at least half a day in advance. The location has to be focused enough to avoid useless alerts.

Jodie C. Liu is an undergraduate at Columbia University studying in economics-philosophy and sustainable development.

Modelling catastrophes

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Terrific Natural Disasters Compilation

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We built our own stream table and simulated the effects of a hurricane and a flash flood. Throughout the two week unit, I linked the lesson to social studies and math by discussing the social and economic impacts and decisions humans make to lessen the impact of natural disasters. We then discussed how the levee in New Orleans was not tall or strong enough to withstand Hurricane Katrina.

We also touched upon how surrounding regions were impacted through refugees and strained resources. The discussion, along with a bit of scaffolding, incorporated the economic impact of the disaster and how disasters like Katrina are common throughout the world. This included ideas of cost versus function with engineering i. My students were eager to learn how to help when disasters occur.

Featured Activity: Teaching about Natural Disasters

They enjoyed learning about the importance of planning and the consequences of poor planning. One of my teaching goals is to connect science and social concepts to promote geo-literacy. I strive to empower my students to become decision-makers by the knowledge acquired through lessons. For example, I take science concepts such as how humans change the environment and link it to Ten on Tuesday , a concept that if each citizen picks up ten pieces of trash on Tuesday, cities can reduce the amount of litter.

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My students are so excited about helping the environment that they voluntarily spend part of their recess time on Tuesdays picking up trash. After giving a lesson on a topic, a teacher can write on the whiteboard three columns of words: local, regional, and global, and lead a discussion on these that relate to the lesson. The repetition of these words over time will encourage students to relate future concepts on all three levels.

She is passionate about getting her students to think locally and globally and care about the planet.

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This year her class participated in the Global Monster Project. Do you know a great educator who teaches about our world? The Educator of the Week series features inspiring activities and lessons that educators are implementing with their students that connect them to the world in bold and exciting ways.

There are places prone to earthquakes. Several earth structures have formed areas that produce more earthquakes which are medium to large earthquakes. The impact can be lethal. The most dangerous areas are located at plate boundary. Like Like. Our teaching resources for natural disasters include printables, activities, and references on hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Teach your students the science behind these geological and meteorological events with the diverse resources below. You are commenting using your WordPress.